Dustin Poirier

Samsung Social + Live

Creative Direction, Director, Set Design, Styling, Storyboards

Dustin Poirier + Samsung Galaxy

Dustin Poirier is one of the top-ranked lightweight fighters in the UFC. He partners with Samsung as one of its content creators on #TeamGalaxy. I was tasked with conceiving and executing a video segment for engagement on his IG reel and Tik Tok. Project scope was to exhibit the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera, feature DP fighting, shoot all content on device and get everything shot in under 4 hours at the Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective.

The solution was a “fight science” concept where we used the Galaxy S23’s camera features to measure Dustin’s speed on several different punches. This highlights the resolution, frame rate, slow-motion and low-light features. We broke down each punch frame by frame, calculated the distance and then used ChatGPT to give us the velocity rating. Voice-over and graphics helped to tie the story together and made for an outstanding engagement piece over his social media channels.

Storyboard 1
Storyboard 2
Storyboard 3
Crew Photo

Samsung Live

The Samsung Live show runs out the Cheil/MDLab studio every week. For Earth Day the hosts were taken to a local ropes course to get outside and work with the flagship Samsung Galaxy phones. Working as the Director of Photography, I scouted and planned the best talent locations for the script. Coordinated camera positions, directed movements, lead the crew up the ropes course and piloted the drone shots. A good amount of the footage had to be shot on device, and the Talent did a great job getting those shots while navigating the course.


Bangtan Boys (BTS) have a partnership with Samsung. When they sold out four consecutive shows at SoFi Stadium, the Samsung Mobile Experience Rovers were sent to LA for the week long event. As thousands of fans gathered around the stadium starting at 9 am every day, we captured fan interactions with the rover team and devices. This video content was used on Samsung social channels and as segment content of the Live show online.

Meet Chase

Better known online as “yo_boy_Roy,” a prominent esports streamer with an impressive following of over 500k devoted fans and is one of the Samsung influencer team. As a content creator in the gaming community, he holds a significant position in the esports world. In this three part series, we showcase how Chase seamlessly incorporates the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem into his daily streaming and interactions with his loyal community. These were shared on both his and Samsungs IG Reels and Tik Tok.

SGCC Patch

The Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective is a multi-day live stream event that brings all of the #TeamGalaxy content creators together. It’s a nonstop 24-hour steam of tools, advice and motivation to teach how to make content stand out. As part of the event, all the team creators were given denim jackets with this SGCC event illustration embroidered on the back. The patch also featured an AR animation through Snapchat. 

SGCC badge