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Illustration, Art Direction, Identity, UX

Basically a junk drawer of random stuff.


“Capture The Cape” Key Art

Key art for the 2024 Addy winning Roblox game “Capture The Cape”. Created in house at MDLab, the game featured the only self hosted matchmaking system on the platform. The key art was created in modular sections so it could be reconfigured to 16×9, 1×1, 4×3 and 3×4 formats and was used on Roblox, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to promote the game and a 6 hour live stream launch (That I served as show runner). 

Year Of The Rabbit

SGCC “Kaiju”

An alternate version of the SGCC patch. The astronaut wasn’t the original main character. The first brief asked for a rabbit, since 2023 is the “Year of the Rabbit”. The rabbit really looked like a Kaiju walking through the Dallas skyline, so there had to be an alternate version for the in house people. I changed the outside frame the MDLab hexagon and made stickers of these for all the people in the office. If you visit Cheil / MDLab there are a lot of laptops with this on the backs. 

Playing Card Design
Rich Franklin Math Poster

Vector Illustrations

Texas Hold ‘Em card design: A Texas-themed illustrated card back designed for a playing card deck. To ensure fairness and prevent cheating, the card decks boast four mirrored edges. At the heart of this intricate design lies the lucky horseshoe. Surrounding the horseshoe are vintage Cowboys cheerleaders, peacemaker revolvers, and leather pattern embossings, creating a striking contrast that allows each element to shine brightly. Get ready to experience the essence of Texas in every shuffle and deal, as this unique card back enhances your gaming experience with a touch of authentic Texan flair.

Rich Franklin Math poster: My wife was an 8th-grade math teacher that trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the time Rich Franklin was the UFC middleweight champion. Rich was also a former middle school math teacher. Naturally, we thought that was a pretty cool coincidence. I had access to a large format printer so I made this poster for her classroom.

Cobra 427

The Rusty Nut Garage

Creative Direction, Branding, Identity, UX/UI

Specializing in European exotics and custom American muscle. This shop was run by my Dad, Johney Jackson. His original shop (Airpark Autotek) was well known in the Superformance community for innovations to the Mark III design in the early 2000’s. After years of success Dad was hired by a private benefactor to build a selection of custom restoration projects each year for sale at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. This lead to his Grarage-Mhal, The Rusty Nut Garage. Over 3500 square feet of hand built garage perfection, right in the backyard. Sadly, both the garage and my Dad are now gone. I like to keep a little piece of him here. One of my first branding clients.

Rusty Nut Website
Shelby 427
Shelby 427
Shelby 427
Shelby Coupe
Shelby 427
GT 500
Shelby Coupe