MDLab Identity

Creative Direction, Identity

Multi Dimensional Lab is an experimental and executional studio of the Cheil Agency. The new physical studio was built in 2021 with a focus on bringing together video, photography, design, AR, VR, VFX, and 3D to create next generation experiences.

Stationary Mockup

MDLab needed an ID mark that spoke to the varied creative approaches it brings to bear. Conveying ideas of exploration, sophistication and innovation. The final would also need it to play well with the Cheil brand sandbox.

The end result draws inspiration from the Tesseract and Rubik’s cube. A minimalistic collection of cubes is formed by applying precise shadows to alternating planes. By emphasizing the shapes, instead of outlines, we get a more three dimensional representation.. Also, depending on where the eye focuses, there is a slight optical illusion of movement.

Logo Mark

The text is set in the Lufga font, a modern geometric sans serif. Simple yet sophisticated with low contrast and a large x-height, make Lufga well suited as both a workhorse text and display font.

MDLab signage
On Air
Control 2
Control 1
Green Screen